Indie Cindy – Double Album Vinyl + CD – Still Sealed

Indie Cindy – Double Album Vinyl + CD – Still Sealed


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Product Description

Double Vinyl Album And CD In Mint Condition – Still Sealed
In Gatefold Sleeve.

1.What Goes Boom
2.Greens And Blues
3.Indie Cindy
5.Magdalena 318
6.Silver Snail
7.Blue Eyed Hexe
8.Ring The Bell
9.Another Toe In The Ocean
10.Andro Queen
12.Jaime Bravo

Same tracks on CD. Heavyweight vinyl.

Please note:
We normally ship vinyl records separate from their sleeves to protect split seam damage during shipping.
Though this is currently sealed, we prefer to ship it fully protected and separated from the sleeves.
If you wish to have it shipped still sealed, please contact us. 
We are however not responsible for split seam damage if you insist on keeping it sealed during shipping.

Additional Information

Weight 900 g

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