Hello all!

Thoughts I’d better update the blog (Completely forgot TBH)..

Hope 2019 has started well for you. Here at JGM towers, we’re just getting through our traditional (unfortunate) “nothing doing” period. New stock arrivals always grinds to a halt from mid December to mid February, so we concentrate on clearing out old stock, to make way for the new. Each year we try something new and this year was successful. Thanks to all who grabbed a few bargains and kept us busy / sane!

A word on obtaining new stock. Record companies are now very noticeably not producing the same amount of promos for new releases. Some have stopped issuing them completely.
So please be aware of this situation and don’t expect a request for a item to suddenly emerge within a few days. It won’t happen.
We sometimes have to travel across the country to get our stock and it’s basically what’s available on a take it or leave it basis.

Anyway. Enough of the continual struggles of the independent CD & record seller.. we have Brexit to “sail” through this year (ahem..whatever that brings). As of yet, (as with whole of the UK) we don’t know what is going to happen (in terms of shipping overseas, postal prices, conditions of customs etc etc), so we can’t plan ahead.
All I’ll say is “Never trust f#ckin’ politicians.” (They’re all self serving wa*kers!)

Plans for this year? Everything happens at short notice these days, but I’m away for a much needed short break in March. Relax and recharge, some sightseeing and more street art hunting on the cards. (see out twitter page @ for a few pics of street art I’ve taken over the years.) And some gigs…of course!

Right. End of yakking.
Thanks for reading and thanks for your continuing support!
All the very best,

John @JGM (Feb 2019)

New website 1AD (After Defection)

Things have now settled down regarding the website and the way it works, mainly thanks to my website guru Tony (, who is basically the brains behind anything on what a website does!
Cheers fella! (More beers are owed!)

We’ve now passed a year on the new website and we hope you find it more easier and less clunky.

Johnny Goggles Music is hitting 10 years old this December.
Bloody hell! It’s been a struggle-and at times downright disheartening (mainly because of the website versions of old and all the problems we were presented by certain persons, who have to remain nameless-unfortunately). But as a learning curve, you need major cock-ups to bounce up and improve, so…

We’ve got to know many old JGM customers from over the years, and it’s always great to chat, whether by phone, email, twitter or text. Football is, of course a favourite subject, as well as travel (two of my personal “get away from it all” past times). Some will know I’m a FC Barcelona supporter (Been going for over 20 years. Not just to Barcelona, but all over Spain and Europe.

I also have a big passion for Berlin. Easily my favourite city and chill out place to be. Go as much as I can. You can blame the Champions League final 2015 for that when it was Barca v Juventus. And for going to gigs there, it’s a great place to visit.
The beer ain’t bad either!

Anyway, enough waffle.
Enjoy the summer!
John @JGM (March 2017)


Thanks for finding the all new shiny Johnny Goggles Music store..with a heavy overdose of sugar, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles!

Everything in the background is all a bit new here, so please bear with us while we slowly get used to how things work.
Lots of buttons..scary stuff.
But it’s nice to be finally free of a lot of restraints the old duffer of a website we once had, as well as other things/shysters.
And definitely more stable and reliable! (25 order confirmation emails in 10 mins anyone?!!)
What a nightmare..(sorry again for those who were affected-We still can’t sleep well after those moments..shudder!)

Any comments or suggestions, please get in touch at john at

Time for that promised coffee..
John @JGM (March 2016)